Nursing Services in Noida

Nursing Services in Noida

We provide all types nursing services at your home

Roles played by the Nurse at Home:

Nursing Interventions: Timely medication, injections, wound care, dressing, etc.

Personal Care: Oral hygiene, bath/ sponge at bed, body care and clothing

Administration: Managing injections and medicines

Vitals Monitoring: Track of weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, temperature, etc.

Mobility: Assistance in walking, exercising, transfer to & from bed, wheel chair, etc.

Nutrition: Feeding assistance and diet maintenance

Toileting: Urinal/ bedpan assistance, changing of colostomy bag, etc.

Companionship: take for walk and polite conversations

Although degrees of responsibility vary between nursing levels, job duties are principally similar. Daily duties involve activities such as:

Administering medications
Managing intravenous (IV) lines
Caring for patients
Observing and recording patients' conditions
Communicating with doctors
Providing emotional support to patients and their families
Advising patients on how to self-administer medication and physical therapy
Educating patients and the public on disease management, nutritional plans and medical conditions
Because nurses may choose to specialize in specific types of treatments, health conditions, patient populations or body systems, specific job duties can vary amongst specialties. Advanced practice nurses can work independently and have additional job duties, such as prescribing medications, examining patients and making diagnoses.

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